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New Look for Love INC

How It Started

The known history of Love INC logos goes back to 1981, just four years after Love INC was founded and a good 30 before Love INC of Greater Hillsboro was founded. You’ll notice that the heart and cross were a part of the logo way back then. In 1984, the logo took on some more design components before being simplified and adding INC to the word mark in 1988 when Love INC came under World Vision. This was our logo for 18 years until World Vision released Love INC to become its own National organization in 2003, and that’s when logo that we have always used in Hillsboro was established.

Throughout all these years, the heart and cross has been iconic for Love INC, so when Love INC national went about redesigning our new logo they wanted to honor our history while also advancing our messaging by imbuing more information about what we do into our mark. 

The new logo is designed to communicate two kernels of truth: 

  1. We are connectors. We connect churches to one another. We connect churches to their community. We connect community members to resources and support. We bring people together. We know from scripture that when two or more are brought together in the Name of Christ, God is also there.

  2. Secondly, while our mission is about transformation, we are not the ones who do the transformation work. Rather, we create the scaffolding upon which transformation and growth is possible. We create spaces where church volunteers and community members’ lives intersect and mutual transformation can occur. Then, the body of Christ rises up to do what it does best — care for one another and point people to God.

 In our new logo, you see the scaffolding concept incorporated through the lattice design of our updated heart and cross.

Our New Logo

Clean and versatile, this mark, like our ministry is about connection and transformation.

Our New Colors