Stories of Impact

Wholistically Helping our Neighbors

Six Core Principles of
Redemptive Compassion

Redemptive Compassion® is a biblical philosophy on how we can offer wholistic help to those we serve. 

Redemptive Compassion In Action

The Story of “Georgia” & “Liz”

Georgia was a neighbor who signed up to take the class after being helped through our clearinghouse for some physical needs.  Liz signed up for the class after hearing about it through her church. They were placed in the same discussion group in the class and although they had some differences began a friendship.

One class, the topic of God’s unconditional love came up.  Georgia was dubious.  “Do you guys really believe that?” Liz and another from their group shared their faith and gave her a bible.  Georgia wasn’t convinced but continued to ask questions and listen.  Liz was faithful to try to answer her questions.  

"Do you really believe that?
Do really believe in a God who loves us?"

They eventually started meeting for coffee. One week, when they were taking the next class together, Georgia shared with the whole class that she had become a Christian!  Last we heard they ladies still meet.  

Liz once shared that her own faith had grown while meeting with Georgia because Georgia asked questions Liz hadn’t thought about in many years.