Stories of Impact

Volunteer Appreciation

The Story of Grace and Dawn

April 16 – 22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Love INC has the best Volunteers!

Grace and Dawn both volunteer as receptionists in the Love INC Clearinghouse/Call Center. Dawn has been a volunteer for eight years and Grace began volunteering at Love INC in May of 2022. Grace and Dawn volunteer on different days – Grace on Tuesdays and Dawn on Thursdays.

One Thursday in November, during a volunteer prayer time, we prayed for Grace who had recently sprained her ankle. Dawn wrote her a note of encouragement and left it on the receptionist’s desk for her to find when she came back in on Tuesday. Grace was touched by her note, and in return, wrote Dawn a note of thanks. Months later, they continue to leave notes for each other each week.

They finally met face-to-face for the first time at our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on February 20.

“I never thought I would have a pen pal at this age but it’s fun!” – Dawn
“Being a pen pal later in life, sharing our walks with the Lord and the exciting things happening when we work for Love INC is great!” – Grace